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5 reasons to reject the Coffee

Woman coffee

Woman coffee

The coffee remains a controversial medical terms drinks. Numerous studies on its effects on human beings give contradictory assessments as one reported positive sides, while others – adverse impact on the functioning of the body. Below we offer five reasons that might be reasonable, if not cancel, at least to restrict the use of coffee:
1. Coffee raises blood pressure and is bad for the heart
Really – the coffee must be careful if you suffer from high blood pressure, even more – if you are already diagnosed with hypertension. According to data from several studies brown brew indeed a prerequisite for increasing blood and gradually it can remain consistently high levels. And if the 2-3 small glasses a day will cause great harm, then overrun them can be dangerous – even for people who have no other prerequisites for the occurrence of hypertension.
2. Coffee causes insomnia
One of the positive aspects of coffee is that stimulate the nervous system. For abuse, however, and some other conditions in nature, this incentive can grow in excitement, leading to insomnia. So – restrict the use of coffee night – it is unlikely to end up at least by that group of people who act Coffee sedative.
3. Coffee result adherent membrane to the teeth
You may have noticed that coffee lovers, do not differ very white teeth. Fats and carbohydrates in it and sugar, which most people use it, contribute to the formation of a yellow coating on teeth. Luckily he was only an unpleasant aesthetic point of view – does not lead to cavities or gum disease.
4. Coffee increases cholesterol
Coffee contained in coffee, significantly increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. Most kafestol contained in espresso and coffee made with coffee maker. It was found that the use of the prepared cups of coffee a day 4-5 a month increases the performance of cholesterol by 6-8%. In decaffeinated coffee also contains coffein.
5. Coffee makes you addictive
Caffeine is a drug. It works in areas of the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure. Vegetative-vascular system love coffee is fragrant depending on the drink and therefore refuses to work fully, if not satisfied caffeine deprivation. Such a man without a cup of coffee in the morning feeling tired and depressed, can not cope with sleepiness, problems with blood and often suffers from headaches.

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