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Alzheimer’s disease

Monday, December 2nd, 2013
Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease

In the last decade, Alzheimer’s disease is recognized as one of the most dangerous enemies of modern society and in seventh place in the ranking of the most common causes of death. The latest data from this disease suffer 35 million people on the planet, and by 2050 the number of patients will reach 115 million. Until now, Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable. Do so and you will be found a means of salvation?http://www.implantcapillaire-fr.com/
The disease is named in honor of the German physician Alois Alzheimer, who in 1906 first described the case of dementia in 56-year-old patient. Posthumous study found atrophy of the brain tissues whose doctor discovered “irregular lumps” (later called amyloid tiles). Today they are the considered clinical signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
In most cases this handicap entangled in their nets people over 60 years, developed primarily because of death of nerve cells in the cerebral cortex responsible for the development of consciousness, intellect and thinking. What leads to the degeneration and death of nerve cells ? The reason is that in the spaces between them to form plaques consisting of amyloid beta- protein. In healthy human beta- amyloid is decomposed into its constituent components – amino acids, which are either completely destroyed or taken out of the body.https://twitter.com/RodrigueLeonce

Symptoms of plexopathy

Friday, November 15th, 2013


The shoulder plexopathy is a collection of nerves that send signals from the brain to the shoulders and arms. Inflammation of the shoulder is called split plexopathy. The plexin causes pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder and arm on one side of the body or possibly both sides http://augmentationmammaire-fr.com. What makes it difficult to diagnose plexin is that it mimics a condition known as cervical radiculitis (disease caused by inflammation of the cervical root). The main difference between the two conditions is that the possibility for the treatment of cervical radiculitis is surgery while plexin over time recovering himself, and cervical radiculitis can lead to permanent damage. The close proximity of the shoulder split to major arteries in the neck also increases the risk of complications associated with infections in which it is possible to have surgical treatment of plexopathy.
The usual symptoms of plexopathy is pain or discomfort. Burning pain that starts in the upper shoulder and descends down the arm, the pain will not originating. With the progression of pain may occur numbness in the hand, the fingers reaching down to as https://twitter.com/DiodorePatrick acute pain continues to move between the shoulder and arm. In some cases it may appear stiffness and numbness in the affected hand.

Sleep apnea

Monday, October 28th, 2013
Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea

The Sleep apnea is a disease suffered by approximately 5% of the population. Although the disease is not rare, most people, even some doctors have not heard of it. The reason for this is that in the majority of cases of the disease, the patient did not pay attention or not even aware that they have a problem. Sleep apnea should not be underestimated, not only unsafe, on the contrary – in some cases it is life-threatening. Everything depends on the extent of the disease and its timely treatment.
What exactly is sleep apnea? Simply put, this is the cessation of breathing during sleep, certain periods, sometimes up to 100 seconds. The full name of this disease is obstructive sleep apnea. It is derived from the Latin word obstruction – obstruere (narrowing of the airways), and Greek apnea – apnoia (or shortness of breath). In most cases, the patient is unaware of the problem, or even not at all saying that there is one. The reason for this is the fact that after a bout of apnea, the patient wakes up and breathe quite normally, it suggests that it is a dream or just him it seemed. After a period of cessation of breathing during sleep, the patient wakes up with palpitations, tired, sometimes frightened, but given all this a bad dream, and sleep again to wake up from the next bout of apnea. Extremely rare, people suffering from sleep apnea, realize that actually have shortness of breath during sleep. Most often the spouse understands that in fact the person next to them zadushva while sleeping. Bouts of sleep apnea may be expressed differently – usually from snoring to repeatedly stop breathing during sleep.

Cystitis symptoms

Friday, October 11th, 2013
Cystitis symptoms

Cystitis symptoms

The cystitis is an inflammatory disease of the lining of the bladder. It is – common in women, particularly those of childbearing age, but affects men. In some women it occurs repeatedly. Its development is favored by a number of factors – cooling the body, retention of urine in the bladder, pregnancy, constipation, fatigue, climacteric, catheterization, etc.
We will try to introduce you briefly to the symptoms of cystitis, it must be noted that they differ in children and adults. Most – common symptoms in men and women are:
– Pain (which may be quite severe) or burning during urination.
– Frequent urination, in which, however, produces small amounts of urine.
– The urine darkens, and can acquire strong odors.
– Abdominal pain (most – already the bottom, just above the pubic bone) or waist.
– Feeling of weakness, fatigue and possibly the appearance of fever.

Gastritis disease

Saturday, September 14th, 2013
Woman Pain

Woman Pain

The Gastritis disease is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It is acute and chronic.
The Acute gastritis is acute inflammation of the stomach lining, which may be caused by a number of agents: abuse of hot or cold drinks, spicy foods, overeating, alcohol, long term use of certain drugs and the like. Some of the symptoms of acute gastritis are: coated tongue, white-gray color, stomach pain, weight in the upper abdomen, or dry mouth thoroughly excess salivation
The Chronic gastritis is a chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa with periods of exacerbation and improvement. May be due to the development of acute gastritis. It may be caused by various factors: different foodstuffs for both acute gastritis “http://www.taurine-fr.com“, but with continued administration, concomitant chronic and infectious diseases. It is divided into several subspecies: atrophic, erosive, surface, giant.
In atrophic gastritis, patients complain of decreased or lack of appetite, increased salivation, bad taste in the mouth, pain and heaviness in the upper abdomen with a meal. Language acquires a reddish color and smoothes. Sick weaken.

Urology Treatment Today

Sunday, November 20th, 2011


With a wide network of Florida urology centers, Specialists In Urology aims to bring their patients the high level of care in an intimate setting. As specialists in urology, highly-trained surgeons and doctors will treat patients with a variety of ailments to do with their urinary tract and male reproductive organs. These delicate procedures need the expertise of a caring staff, the latest technology, and physicians who are not only experienced in these types of surgeries, but also care about their patients on a personal level.
When my father began to show signs of prostate enlargement, a friend of mine, a nurse, recommended that he visit one of the locations for Specialists In Urology. The doctor spoke with my dad about prostate enlargement treatment. My dad decided that he did not want to be on a medication for the rest of his life, but instead, opted to have surgery done, he and his doctor thought this was a good idea. It was a quick laser surgery and dad was out on the same day. Now he’s great and back to normal, and he recommends it to all of his friends. I am glad that the physicians give you the information concerning what is ailing you, and give you guidance to come to a conclusion that satisfies your lifestyle and needs.
Specialists In Urology performs several types of procedures and treatments to fix any issue, from kidney stone removal, bladder control, vasectomies, and even da vinci prostatectomy, which is the latest technology to fight prostate cancer. Their personal approach makes patients feel like more than just a patient, and their attention to the latest technology means the best care. With several locations around Florida, anyone can consult with them concerning their urinary and reproductive health.

Who is mostly attacked by the diseases?

Friday, June 24th, 2011
disease girl

disease girl

The fear of disease is as natural as the instinct for self preservation. It comes to each of us. But there are several types of people who really panicky fear of being sick. They terrified from the first sneeze and start thinking the worst.
Panic – the best friend of infections
The Autumn is the worst time for anxiety, suspicious people. Banal seasonal colds cause them to panic. Ordinary symptoms are “read” almost as deadly: sneezing – it may be bird flu, cough – this is not a TB, and even temperature under 38 degrees is obligatory symptom of pneumonia. These indecisive people often experience undue anxiety. The strength of their self-suggestion is so great that they actually spend more heavily than others in various colds and to heal they need more time. The experts recommend this type of patients to engage in vspomagatelna therapy, normalizing the autonomic nervous system at night to take sedatives (a few drops of valerian or half a cup of brew from St. John’s wort), and in the morning – stimulants (tea of ​​rosehips, ginseng, green tea).
Diseases often attack those who do not trust doctors
Another category of people who cling to the disease are unbelievers in medicine. They do not trust the doctors nor the drug and are confident that the professionals are not doing things properly. As a rule these people are paranoid traits in his character as a whole – they are convinced that all diseases are of slag, a lesson and radiation.

Tea protects the heart from stroke

Sunday, March 27th, 2011


Three cups of green or black tea significantly reduced the risk of stroke. And the more you drink this drink, the more chances to prevent heart problems, say U.S. cardiologists at the University of California at San Diego.
Scientists have summarized data from nine studies involving almost 200,000 people and describing more than 4000 cases of stroke.
“With regular use three cups of green or black tea probability of stroke is reduced by 21%, calculated doctors are saying that” the results are very encouraging as the prevention of stroke is quite complicated, and the patient generally receives too latest medical advice.
“The use of tea is easy and safe way to prevent heart disease, scientists say, and give the healing power of the popular drink of the effects of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate, or abbreviated EGCG and amino teanin.

Healthy living can help you to prevent cancer

Saturday, March 5th, 2011
Eat Apple

Eat Apple

Forgive even the seemingly changes in lifestyle such as cycling and reducing fatty foods at the expense of fruit in a position to seriously influence to reduce the risk of malignancies. Millions of cases of cancer could be avoided without imposing complex methods of prevention, is the view set out in the report of the World Cancer Research Fund. The document proposes a list of basic measures that can be taken rapidly and by which, according to an expert, cancer will be reduced by at least one quarter. Calculations in the report show that over 25% of cases the most common forms of cancer can be avoided by improving the method of feeding, by increasing the movement and control weight.
“Logically, if things continue to develop as before, we expect a significant increase in the number of cancers – because of aging, sedentary living and increasing consumption of foods that have undergone more industrial processing and high energy content,” says Professor Martin Wiseman, project director.

Genital warts – Definition and Treatment

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Genital WartsDefinition of genital warts
Warts or genital warts, is a disease that is transmitted sexually. Genital warts are localized on the external genitalia, anus, inside the top of the vagina or around the cervix. In men, they appear in the urethra. They look like grapes or a form of cabbage, raised and pink colour. Of course, do not they ever show the same form. They cause itching, burning, pain during intercourse, and frequent urination.
Treatment of genital warts
The ways for genital warts treatment are different, the patient and doctor together decide what to implement. But bad in this case is that any treatment is essential in healing warts.
Treatment of warts can be grouped into three types
* Local preparations for the destruction of tissue
* Surgical methods wart remover
* Biological methods that attack the virus directly