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What irritates our skin at home?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


The skin is the largest organ in the human body and this fact is not accidental. Of it falls particularly hard task to cover the outside of the body and protects it from successful infections, trauma, dehydration, overheating and other harmful environmental factors. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget that, above all, skin is an organ, ie consists of living cells and they can be damaged under the influence not only the sun but of different chemicals and other irritants. The allergic reactions to various products used in the household, it is not uncommon. Such allergies are most commonly develop after repeated exposure to different substances used more widely in households.
Even washing can be dangerous
Cleaning products are often the cause of contact dermatitis – a skin reaction that is not an allergy, but is equally dangerous to the skin. The main cause of contact dermatitis is long and repeated exposure to a particular agent (present in some preparations), which violates the integrity of the skin and causing inflammation. This makes us particularly susceptible – especially people who are distinguished by good hygiene habits and treat your skin almost constantly with aggressive chemicals.

How to protect your skin from sun alergies

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


As the summer sun, besides the warm and become more dangerous to the skin. According to recent expert studies, about 20% of the population of Europe and the U.S. suffered from various forms of intolerance to sunlight, as most of them are women. The sun allergies such as polymorphous light dermatosis or Acne Mallorca are increasingly common problem. Normally expressed in the appearance of blisters or itchy skin rashes, and in more severe cases may occur more extensive rash affecting mainly the upper arms, hands, neck and even face. Long-term studies on the effects of UV radiation at the Hamburg University helped patenting a new product the company’s medical cosmetics Eucerin. The Cream-gel for protection against sun allergies to SPF 50 + Eucerin combines UV protection and antioxidant system to alpha-glycosyl-rutin (Alpha-Glucosyl-Rutin), derived from Japanese fig. Clinical research and testing of products Eucerin, which contain AGR, showed that 90% of patients do not appear symptoms of sun allergy. Eucerin cream-gel to protect against sun allergies SPF 50 + is specifically designed for very sensitive and prone to sun allergies skin and helps to strengthen the natural protective functions ù. Does not contain fragrances and emulsifiers to minimize the risk of irritation, is waterproof and offers very high UVA / UVB protection.

How to threat skin sunburn

Sunday, March 20th, 2011


The care to prevent sunburn should start before going out in the sun. If you have prepared well, lucky for you may not need to resort to measures which are listed below, but experience shows that most people think about the consequences when they are already available.
Most urgent measures are related to the termination of the effects of ultraviolet radiation:
– Hide from the sun.
– Cover the skin that was exposed to the sun.
Take measures to reduce discomfort:
– Medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen may be beneficial, especially if taken vaxine earlier.
– For medium-sized burns, cool compresses with equal amounts of water and milk most often sufficient. Use a soft cloth, keeping compresses at least 15-20 minutes. Repeat several times.
– In pharmacies and cosmetics shops are increasingly available and various creams to relieve burns, which soothe irritated skin. Many of them contain aloe, whose action in such situations is proved.
– Lukewarm (not cold!) Baths also help. Avoid, however, the use of salts, oils, shampoos, because they cause a negative reaction on irritated skin. For use wiping cloth. Do not rub, and wipe the water body. You can then use wetters, to let the skin recover at least part of it seized from the sun moisture.
– Do not use lotions and creams containing local anesthetics, because your skin can become sensitive to them and subsequently to an allergic reaction.
– Of course, in no case show the sun.

How to keep your skin young

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Woman faceEvery woman dreams to keep her skin young, but aging process is inevitable. Many women use the best face cream, but it is hard to find it among the thousands of health and cosmetics products. Luckily the cosmetics industry is developing at a tremendous rate and offers long-creams and serums with the possibilities of plastic surgery. The dehydration, formation of wrinkles, wilting and thinning of the skin are inevitable consequences of aging. Our skin is constantly renewed, but the rate of regeneration of skin cells decreases with age. The molecules maintain its elasticity – collagen and elastin, begin to decompose and harden with age. The water contained in the skin also decreases. To threat these problems you can use the best spot cream. As a result, skin begins to lose its elasticity and softness, thinner, higher sensitivities, dry and wrinkles appear. Two groups of factors causing skin aging: internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous). Internal factors are heredity and age. A Foreign: the impact of the environment in which the most dangerous are the ultraviolet rays. They cause the formation of free radicals that attack cells and elastic fibers in the skin, significantly accelerating its aging. There are various sources of free radicals, environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, certain medications and unhealthy lifestyle in general. Another terrible sign of age of the skin are the dark circles. The dark circles under eye treatment can be done with the quality cosmetics of Purity Skin medicaments.

What can I use to threat dandruff

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


If you have dandruff, you know what this is about – irritated scalp and itchy, flaky skin and constant doubt whether to wear black. Many people mistakenly believe Dandruff is caused by dry skin, frequent washing of the head or poor hygiene. These popular myth can lead to inefficient and often – inadequate treatment and even worsen the situation. Dandruff is a negative self-esteem and people who suffer from this disease are usually more sensitive to their appearance than others.
What causes dandruff?
Dandruff is caused by fungus – Pityrosporum ovale. In the normal condition of the body it creates problems. However, when the pH balance in the hairy skin of the head is damaged and the environment is alkaline, the fungus begins to multiply faster and for more frequent replacement of skin cells, resulting in peeling. It is proved exactly what leads to faster growth of the fungus, but the most likely causes are the increased separation of fat from the body, hormonal imbalance, stress, other medical conditions of the nervous system, immune system suppression, hypersensitivity to the fungus itself or even a survivor susceptibility to dandruff. Although more has to be studied in terms of dandruff, what is implicitly knows about it is that Dandruff is a medical rather than cosmetic problem.
How to cure Dandruff?

Skin problems have many sources

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Woman Skin

Woman Skin

According to dermatologists, very few people can boast a totally smooth skin. For some it is too dry in others – very pale, and in the third easier wrinkles appear. Sensitive word “sensitive skin” are most often used to a very serious problem that practically encountered or any person, or at least heard of it – acne. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It suffered 75 to 90% of young people (aged 14 to 20 years) and 40% of those over 25 years This is a temporary condition passing with age, but like any other illness it should be treated. Acne is a disease of sebaceous glands, so the buds appear on those places where such glands – the face, upper back and lower level – the upper chest. Acne occurs most frequently in adolescents aged against the body’s hormonal readjustment, but sometimes occurs in adulthood. Reason for this is hormones, which under the action of the sebaceous glands are products. Stress, violations in the work of internal organs and the intestines dis-bacteriosis not contribute to skin health, and self “vengeance” with nasty pimples lead to increased skin inflammation and infection often even to its deeper layers. Among a number of misconceptions people tar, which is actually unrelated to the emergence of buds: frequent use of cosmetics, dirt, misuse of sweet things, insufficient or too active sex life. Recent studies show that acne is genetically determined. If the parents suffered from acne, chances are that the child may suffer from this disease.